George Fish Shop Amsterdam: for take away fresh fish and sandwiches

George fish shop amsterdam

Soon sandwiches with eel to go at George Fish Shop Amsterdam

In  a few weeks a new spot will be added to the popular George family in Amsterdam. After George Bistro, San George, George W.P.A, Café George, Café Georgette and soon George Marina, we can get fresh fish and sandwiches to go at George Fish Shop Amsterdam. Jep, George Fish Shop is going to be a real shop where you can order delicious fruit de mer, oysters and other seafood to cook at home. Craving a sandwich with for example fresh eel? Then you can also drop by George Fish Shop Amsterdam. Take it with you to the park or eat it on your way home.

You can find the shop next to, or actually in George W.P.A. In Old South. You know that one, it’s the restaurant where you can enjoy a glass of wine and oysters on their nice terrace until late. We’re already fantasizing what else we can order at George Fish Shop Amsterdam. Can we submit requests? A sandwich with fresh lobster for example?

We’ll keep you up to date about the openings date!

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Amsterdam Old South Map