This pop-up atelier in Amsterdam is all about ‘geitenwollen sokken’, really! // December 15 & 16

If you think that goat wool socks have a dusty image in 2017 (or rather 2018, because that’s what it almost is after all!) then you’re completely wrong. Look at sustainability, for example, maybe twenty years ago this was something that only the ‘goat wool socks types‘ were occupied with, but now you can’t ignore that either. And precisely for this reason, the goat wool sock is placed on a pedestal in this pop-up. As the early adopter of sustainability!

You’ll probably, just like me, only be more focused on sustainability in the choices you make since a year or three. In the Vandebron pop-up, shoe designer Luc Aarts is showing this weekend what is possible with goat wool socks. The goat wool sock atelier is free and for everyone to visit. Are you a shoe freak, sneakerhead, or just interested? Then come by with your old shoes and turn them into creative goat-wool sock shoes.

goat wool sock pop-up atelier

Where: Prinsengracht 715, Amsterdam
When: December 15 & 16 // 10 AM -5 PM
Good to know: Don’t forget to bring your old shoes to the atelier so that you can have them customized by designer Luc Aarts!

Read more about the pop-up on the Facebook event page >>

Will we soon all become ‘goat wool socks’?

Wondering why it is that Vandebron puts the focus on goat wool socks in the coming months? It’s the ambition of this young company to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy and they want to involve as many people as possible. How do they do that? By showing that sustainability is accessible, and can even be fun.



In collaboration with Vandebron