Freddy Fryday Amsterdam: a snackbar in East with their own version of a ‘Kapsalon’

Freddy Fryday Amsterdam is more than a ‘simple’ snackbar

Amsterdam has so many snack bars where you prefer to wait outside for your order. Until today! Freddy Fryday Amsterdam is the first and probably the only snack bar where you want to stay and eat inside, even with your lover! You won’t find the fluorescent lights, screaming menus and display cases full of snacks in a bed of green paper. Freddy Fryday is your new go to place!

How come up with something like this?! Owners Jermaine Koot & Erik Verhoeven both have a deeply rooted love for a good snack (like us) and came to the conclusion that there are not a lot of really good snack bars in Amsterdam. And there was Freddy Fryday Amsterdam, simple as that! That’s how we like it!.

freddy fryday amsterdam
Funky Freddy Fries // © Sarah Leonora

try the Funky Freddy Fries at Freddy Fryday Amsterdam

At this new snack bar in East you can get, of course, fries, but made with potatoes fresh from the land that are peeled, sliced and even baked twice. Getting hungry already? Besides that, you can also order croquettes and a ‘kaassoufflé’, but also the already famous Funky Freddy Fries. The what? Funky Freddy Fries: a large portion of fries with home-made toppings. Compare it to the Dutch ‘Kapsalon, but better than that ;-) At the moment you can choose toppings such as Pulled Pork, Pulled Chicken, Magic Mushroom (vega and a must try!) (mushroom sauce with mozzarella), the Nacho dip (vega) and as a special; the Rendang. Yes, I want to try them all!

At Freddy Fryday Amsterdam you can have a seat, but also order it for take away to eat it at home on the couch. At the moment they are open from 12 PM to 9 PM, but that will probably be later in the future.

Someone craving fries?

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Photocredits: Sarah Leonora

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