SUSHISAMBA Amsterdam: is opening the doors on September 8

SushiSamba Amsterdam belongs on your bucket list

YES, SUSHISAMBA Amsterdam is finally taking her mix of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cuisine to the city center and we can not wait. I hear you think, why are we so excited? SUSHISAMBA is located in cities as London, New York, Las Vegas and Miami and the restaurant in London has been on my travel bucket list for years to eat. It is so beautiful! And the good news is that you don’t have to fly to another city anymore because SUSHISAMBA Amsterdam opens the doors on September 8. We heard they’re now taking dinner reservations. You can book via the website! 

SUHSHISAMBA opened its first restaurant in New York in 1999 and has become one of the most famous restaurant chains in the world. Why? Because of its unique mix of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian culture and cuisine. And then we’re not even talking about  the music, art and design of the restaurant.

In case you Googled SUSHISAMBA, then you know that the restaurants have this theater-like look. It has an open space, huge windows and an open kitchen with a big grill. The chefs are in the spotlight and to be honest, how nice is it to look at how your food is getting made? The interior is also inspired by the three culture muses of Japan, Brazil and Peru. And secretly we hope that SUSHISAMBA Amsterdam will look like the one in London!

sushisamba amsterdam

Braziliaanse stew en sushi bij SUSHIsamba amsterdam

If you think you can only order sushi at SUSHISAMBA, you’re wrong. On the menu you find famous dishes like the Crispy Yellowtail Taquitos with Avocado, Roasted Corn Miso, Churrasco Rio Grande with Ribeye, Chorizo and Old Picanha and the Moqueca Mista; a fresh Brazilian stew with coconut and lime accents, can also be found on the menu in Amsterdam and we can not wait to taste them one by one. Tip: SUSHISAMBA Amsterdam offers one of the most comprehensive sake assortments in the world and a great collection of high-quality Japanese whiskeys.

SUSHISAMBA Amsterdam opens the doors in the heart of the city center around the corner of the Leidseplein. The address is Max Euweplein 64 and make sure to check the ‘rules’ when it comes to what you’re wearing as ripped jeans, sneakers, caps and active wear are not allowed. 

Sushisamba Amsterdam

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