20 X places to order food in Amsterdam West: these are our favourites

order food in amsterdam west

these are 20 x not to miss PLACES TO ORDER FOOD IN AMSTERDAM WEST

Gotcha! You’re looking for restaurants where you can order food in Amsterdam West because you don’t feel like leaving the house, cooking, or just want to surprise your lover. Restaurants keep opening their doors in Bos en Lommer, on the Overtoom and the Kinkerstraat, and it’s making Amsterdam West hotter than hot. Where can you order the best food in Amsterdam West if you don’t want to leave the house? We put 20 restaurants on a list that will deliver your favourite dishes to your door by foodora. Enjoy your food in Amsterdam West!


Jacketz: you can order the tastiest potato dishes through foodora at Jacketz. Potatoes filled with chili con carne, beetroots, chickensalad, and even pulled pork. We want some!

Piada & Gnocchi: You can wake us up for piada’s and gnocchi from Piada & Gnocchi. Go for the piada Truggle Maker or the Smokin’ Hot, and the Cheese Dream, or Della Casa gnocchi.

Salad & The City: From time to time we go crazy for a real good salad. At Salad & The City go for the salad with red beets and feta, or the roasted pumpkin salad with smoked chicken

order food in amsterdam west
Salad & the City

Soy Tasty: Pay attention sushi lovers: at Soy Tasty you order a box with the tastiest sushi for a nice price. Avocado maki’s please!

H. Burger: Hamburgers are always a good idea, and especially the ones from H. Burger. The veggie burger is our favorite: organic brioche bread with a black bean and nut burger, and salad, tomato, onion, pickles, and homemade ketchup and mustard. 

Olivity: At Olivity you can eat delicious Greek food in Amsterdam West. Fasolákia, potatoes from the oven with lemon, eggplant, dakos, and chariátiki, they have everything here.

The Cold pressed Juicery: Need a powershot? Or just in the mood for some juice? Then order from The Cold Pressed Juicery. The Glow and the Sh*t are our favourites, so good!

Dosa: South Indian dishes is what you can, and want to order at Dosa. Think of samosa’s, gobhi pakora(!), masala, tandoori, lambs meat, and the best curries.

Poké Perfect: for the best poké bowl you have to order from Poké Perfect. Make your own or go for The Witzel.

order food in amsterdam west
Poké Perfect

Jabugo Bar Iberico: With the Spanish hams from Jabugo Bar Iberico you’ll feel like you’re in Spain. Our favorite? The Bollo Gallego Tortilla: crispy baguette baked in the stone oven, filled with tortilla and aioli. The homemade tortilla is made with eggs, confit potato, and onion. Yum!

Viêt View: At Viêt View you can get the best Vietnamese street food. We’re enthusiastic just about the names! How do you feel about Drunken Love Tofu, Streamy Dreamy Shrimp, and Chicken Fling?

Maza: Humus will always be one of our favorite spreads, and at Maza you can order a really good one. Go for the Sharing is Caring and try different varieties of hummus and other snacks with your lover or friends.

Wilde Westen: In the mood for pizza? Then order from Wilde Westen. Pizza’s with pear, buffalo mozzarella, portabellos, and even Tuscan fennelsalami, they have something for everyone.

Warung Asje: Order the best roti at Warung Asje. Go for the lamb and veggie Roti, or the roti babi pangang. The rendang is also really good!

De Ballenbar: Crazy about bitterballs? Then De Ballenbar is your new favorite spot to order. Try the bitterballs made from goat cheese and truffle! 

order food in amsterdam west
de Ballenbar

Pannenkoekenhuis Candela: Pancakes in the evening? Why not! Order a pancake with goatcheese and walnut, cream cheese, or even with a fried egg, at Pannenkoekenhuis Candela. Of course they also have sweet ones too.

Daarband: Iranian cuisine is often overlooked, until today. At Daarband you can order the best Iranian dishes. What do you think of Joejoe Kebab: juicy chicken marinated in olive oil, yoghurt saffron, grilled on the spit, served with tomato and basmati rice. So good, right?

Lavanta: Spicy lamb, spicy chicken, filled eggplant, at Lavanta you can order the best East Mediterranean dishes. 

Rosetta’s Kitchen: Italian pastas and wines, that’s something we won’t say no to. At Rosetta’s Kitchen you can even order a 3-course menu with Entrecote and a fresh torta merengue.

Holy Ravioli: At Holy Ravioli you can get the tastiest ravioli’s and lasagnas. From ravioli with lemon and ricotta, to the old school lasagna with bolognese sauce. 

order food in amsterdam west
Holy ravioli

PS: the offered restaurants on foodora may differ depending on the delivery address . Enjoy ordering food in Amsterdam West with these restaurants you maybe didn’t know!

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Photocredits: foodora

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