ONO Rotterdam: hotspot for sushi & Japanese dining


Delicious sushi at hotspot ONO Rotterdam!

In Rotterdam you can have delicious sushi and other amazing Japanese dishes at ONO, a Japanese restaurant that in my opinion has quite a special menu. At ONO you can order sushi with toro (the fat belly part of the tuna), which is said to be the best part of the tuna fish for sushi. This Asian restaurant in Rotterdam also have lovely small dishes if you don’t feel like having sushi. I for example tried the Creamy Spicy Hotategai (scallop) which was exactly what I imagined: creamy, spicy and just amazing!


Ice cream, ice cream and more ice cream!

It won’t be on the menu, but the desserts are definitely worth trying. I don’t really see mochi ice cream and crêpe with ice cream as anything special anymore, but at Ono Rotterdam they also have fried ice cream, which is ice cream wrapped in a crispy layer. Not only did it look flawless, but it tasted really good. So don’t hesitate to ask for what they have for dessert after your main course, because they sure will have some fun options for you.



Yourlbb’s favourite hotels in Rotterdam:

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>> Hotel New York is a classic in walking distance of hip Katendrecht
>> Miss M B&B at the Van Oldenbarneveldstraat
>> King Kong is the coolest hostel in town
>> CitizenM is our favourite budget design hotel!

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