Nora Magasin Reykjavik: bar, grill and cafe


drinks and bar bites: Nora Magasin Reykjavik

The popular hotspot Nora Magasin is the right address in Reykjavik for bar bites and local beers. It’s the perfect evening hangout to spend some time with friends. The look & feel of the bar is very colourful with a twist of blue, wood and vintage details.

Our waiter at Grill Market gave us the golden tip to go to Nora Magasin in Reykjavik. It’s his favourite hangout for after work drinks with the chefs of this popular bar. At Your Little Black Book we trust the tips we get from the locals so we had to check it out ourselves!

Nora Magasin Reykjavik

Nora Magasin in Reykjavik is the place to go to when you are finishing up your day and feeling like a beer or two. It’s the place where you, after too many locally made beers, decide to stay for a tasty  burger as well. And if your lucky you will find yourself doing that on their nice terrace outside!

Tip: around the corner of Nora Magasin you will find even more bars like the American bar (a kind of sportsbar), Micro Bar (for locally made beers) and The Laundromat Cafe (nice for breakfast and lunch) and Apotek (which has AWESOME food and cocktail happy hour everyday between 4-6pm).

Nora Magasin Reykjavik

Plan your city trip to Reykjavik:

>> This is how you get there!
WOW air flies to Reykjavik from € 99,-
– From Reykjavik you can book low cost tickets to Boston and Washington, D.C.
Check the prices here >>
>> This is where you stay!
– Spend the night in the largest hotel of Reykjavik: Foss Hotel!
– Or book a room at the cool design hostel KEX.

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