15 x the best Netflix series you don’t know yet, but want to watch!

netflix series

had a long day or night? watch these netflix series and relax!

After a long day outside in the sun, it’s so calming to watch some episodes of your favourite series at the end the day on your bed or couch. Or start your day this way, after a fun summer night with a bit too many drinks. You’ve probably watched many series already and looking for new ones. At least, that’s always what happens to us at the Yourlbb office. That’s why we searched for new, a bit less popular, but nice Netflix series to watch this summer. Have fun watching!

15 x the best netflix series to watch this summer

Grace and Frankie:  A show about two women who get a strong, funny and unique connection after their husbands leave them, and tell them to want to be together. A fun show with a lot of humor.

Master of None: Dev, a 30-year-old actor who lives in New York, doesn’t really know what he wants with his life. On a personal level, but also when it comes to his profession. A series with a love of humor and thing you will recognize yourself in. Ps: Master of None got named best series of 2017.

Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23: June moves to Manhattan to follow her dreams, which goes a bit different than she had planned. She also has to get used to her new roommate, but they will become friends, right?

Flaked: Chip lives in Venice beach LA. This show is about his struggles, friendship, relationships and everything that comes with.. life. He and one of his friends fall for the same girl, and because of that a lot of truths come out.

Fuller House: Fuller House is a spin-off of the show Full House. A show about a big family in a house, where subjects like relationships, holidays, parenthood and life’s surprises are talked about a lot.

Love: After his cheating girlfriend leaves him, the nice guy Gus moves to a trendy apartment full of college students. Gus meets Mickey here and finds out what real love is about.

You Me Her: A couple falls in love with the same girl, and decide to continue their relationship with the three of them. And yes, this will cause some problems and awkward situations. So fun to watch!

The Crown: This impressive show is about the live of Queen Elizabeth II, who ascended the throne at age 25 after her father died.

Please Like Me: After Josh got dumped by his girlfriend, he finds out he is gay. He decides to move back to his mother, who attempted to kill herself. A lot of things change in his life, and Josh deals with this in his own awkward way. Editor Renée’s favourite!

Daredevil: During the night, Murdock fights crime in the streets of New York, but during the day he has to believe in the criminal justice system because of this job. But still, he takes the law into his own hands to protect the city.

Sense8: 8 strangers from all over the world are connected with each other through visions, later on also by changing each other minds and actions. They all want to find out how and why.

The OA: After having disappeared for 7 years, Prairie returns. Everyone is in shock, especially because all of a sudden she isn’t blind anymore. They all want to know what happened, but Prairie doesn’t say anything about the time she was away.

Broadchurch: The body of an 11-year-old boy reaches the shore, whereafter a small community becomes the main focus of the investigation about what happend. They become the center of all the media attention, which causes some troubles. A thrilling detective you must see!

Freeks and Geeks: A fun old school show about a high school, the mistfits and their lives. One of the misfits stays with his nerdy friends, who his older sisters hangs out with the ‘bad boys’ more often, skips classes and doesn’t really get why good grades are important.

Rita: A funny Danish show about a teacher who gets confronted with her past, which causes for some troubles. Also, an old flame returns in her life. Exciting!

Las Chicas del Cable: This show takes place in Madrid during the 20’s. In that time, women didn’t had a say in anything. The show is about the adventures 4 Spanish telephonists experience, and the bad moments they get into.

These are our favourite Netflix series, which are yours?

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