Lite/Dark Amsterdam: healthy food & shake hotspot!


Lite/Dark Amsterdam is perfect for lunch, juices and healthy snacks!

The Utrechtsestraat in Amsterdam is one of my favourite streets in town. It’s packed with hotspots. Although this juice bar and lunch cafe is around for a while I only recently checked out Lite/Dark. I walked by so many times and I sooo regret I didn’t go there for lunch sooner. Lite/Dark is a great place to stop by for a super healthy juice (to stay or to go), healthy snacks (check out the raw power balls) and a veggie lunch.

lite-dark-amsterdamMy love and I went to Lite/Dark for lunch on a Sunday. We were lucky to find ourself a seat and started with the #100 juice. A delicious red coloured juice with apple, pineapple, banana, straw-, blue-, black-, rasp-, goji berry, coconut, bee pollen and maca spirulina. They say it’s the best for hangovers!

After that we had some sandwiches. Do you like quesadillas? Then you have to try the mango and spinach quesadillas. It’s delicious! And the flavours go so well together. A shot of wheatgrass with it and your healthy lunch is complete.


Since my love and I always like to share everything I’m a lucky girl. I can always try at least two dishes and split them 50/50/ If you’re going to Lite/Dark with a same minded friend too I recommend sharing. There are just so many yummy sandwiches on the menu that it’s hard to choose. The grilled sandwich with avocado, goat cheese, spinach and cucumber is super tasty!lite-dark-amsterdam lite-dark-amsterdam Wraps are always good! And I’m starting to notice that they’re on every menu at healthy food hotspots. The wrap I had at Lite/Dark is a must try! With spinach, avocado and raspberry. That raspberry really gives it a great twist! We had the shake #270 with it. A green juice with kale, spinach, celery, cucumber and more healthy greens!

After our savoury bites we decided to go ahead with some sweets. All the cakes and balls at Lite/Dark are very good. So where to start? You have to try the protein balls, they’re raw and made of superfoods.

At Lite/Dark they like to point out the contrasts in everything. Next to healthy veggie only lunch dishes they have a large choice of raw chocolates and sweets. All made with raw chocolate and fresh fruits. The cakes are changing daily!

lite-dark-amsterdam lite-dark-amsterdam lite-dark-amsterdam lite-dark-amsterdam

The shake that surprised me the most was the #340. A shake with raw chocolate, avocado, apple, strawberry and dates. You really have to try this one! It’s very special. It has all my favourites in it… almost as if it’s designed personally for me :-).

Lite/Dark is open daily. They have great breakfast options too with yoghurt and quinoa.

Can’t wait to go back again!

Lite/Dark Amsterdam

Address: Utrechtsestraat 22, Amsterdam
Neighbourhood: Amsterdam city center
Price level: shakes from € 4,50, sandwiches from € 5,50
Perfect for: a superfood boost!

PS: more hotspots are in the Amsterdam Little Black Book. A city guide to Amsterdam with the best restaurants, shops and things to do. Always new addresses coming up so check out your online Little Black Book daily for the latest hotspots in town!

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