Fish Company Reykjavik: favourite fish restaurant

Fish Company Reykjavik

a log cabin with cool vintage design: Fish Company Reykjavik

Fish Company (in Icelandic: Fiskfélagid) is one of  Yourlbb’s favourite restaurants in Reykjavik. Here you will find a nice mixture of vintage design (Anne is in love with the big moose head lamp) and wood. It’s this typical spot where business people come in to  grab a lunch, a group of friends share a bite or where a love couple share a sushi platter. The dark and warm ambience make this place a super nice hotspot!

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On the menu you will find superb dishes made from typical Icelandic ingredients. Here they serve the best fish and meat dishes. What makes the menu of the Fish Company very unique is the ‘Around the World’ or ‘Around Iceland’ option. You order these menu’s per table and it brings you a combination of the best fish and the tastiest meat from around the world or from Iceland. 

When we were there we spend our lunchtime at the Fish Company Reykjavik. Because our appetite was small, Anne and I decided to share a sushi platter. It was delicious! Especially the nigiri, maki & sashimi tasted great. Recommended by us!

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Tip: Are you in Reykjavik for a few days? Then do a culinary tour to check out the best restaurant hotspots! In our list the best restaurants in Reykjavik are: Kol, Snaps, Grill Market and Fish Market.

Plan your city trip to Reykjavik:

>> This is how you get there!
WOW air flies to Reykjavik from € 99,-
– From Reykjavik you can book low cost tickets to Boston and Washington, D.C.
Check the prices here >>
>> This is where you stay!
– Spend the night in the largest hotel of Reykjavik: Foss Hotel!
– Or book a room at the cool design hostel KEX.

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