Travel tip: the KLM Werelddeal Weken are back!

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Good news for everyone who has a case of the wanderlust. The KLM Werelddeal Weken have started again and that means that you can book tickets with discount to more than 100 different destinations! I personally always look forward to this moment. In some cases because I want to book a flight to a destination that’s always included, like New York where this time you can book a flight to starting from € 469,-, but also to be taken by surprise by destinations that can be booked for a small price.

For example, I went on a ‘spontaneous’ trip to Tokyo last year for a little more than € 500,-! A dream that came true, as this destination has been on my bucket list for a very long time. And that’s how I manage to cross off one of my travel wish list destinations every season because of the KLM Werelddeal Weken. Simply because some destinations just get so much more interesting when they’re so much cheaper all of a sudden! Which bucket list destinations are included in the KLM Werelddeal Weken this time? You’ll read it in this blog!


8 x plan tickets to bucket list destinations with discount

Tokyo: I mentioned Tokyo briefly already, but if there’s one destination that can’t be compared to any other it has got to be the capital city of Japan. An enormous city that’s incredibly diverse. You can find ancient old tempels there next to huge skyscrapers. Tokyo is also the hometown of the world famous Tsukiji fish market, bizarre theme restaurants like the Robot Restaurant, trendy neighbourhoods like Daikanyama that’s full of cute coffee places and concept stores, sushi that’s being brought to your table by a little train at Uobei and animal cafés like Harry, where you can cuddle up with hedgehogs. And did we already mention that you can score a delicious meal literally on every corner of the street? During the KLM Werelddeal Weken you’ll book your flight to Tokyo starting from € 599,-!

Miami: If I scroll past pictures of Miami on Instagram I get an instant happy feeling. Restaurants and coffee places in pastels, white beaches and neighbourhoods where it all happens. A visit to this city is in the top of my bucket list, because I’ve haven’t been there before. Which neighbourhoods I plan on exploring? In my private Little Black Book you can find the Miami Design District and Wynwood among others where you can find lots of street art. You can book your flight to Miami starting from € 479,-!

Johannesburg: Perhaps not the city with the best reputation, but if you ask me it’s certainly a city you’d have to have seen if you’re into upcoming neighbourhoods and foreign cultures. In my experience this city isn’t unsafe at all if you just know where to go to get geat meals and some drinks. Are you planning on going on a safari tour in South Africa? Make sure to plan a couple of days in Johannesburg afterwards to explore the districts of Braamfontein and Maboneng. Go out for brunch at the Neighbourgoods Market and drink cocktails at one of the rooftop bars like The Living Room! You can already book a ticket to Johannesburg starting from € 649,-.

New York: While I’m writing this blog I literally came back from New York three days ago. And to be honest, this still remains my favourite city! I try to at least go once, but preferably twice a year and I actually always book my ticket during the KLM Werelddeal Weken so I’m sure I get a ticket for less than € 500,-! If you’re planning on going to New York anytime soon make sure to not skip out on a visit to the beautiful rooftop bar Westlight in the trendy Williamsburg. Book your ticket to New York starting from € 469,-.

Cancún: I can hear you thinking… Isn’t Cancún that wild beach destination in Mexico? Well, yeah. And we don’t recommend staying an entire week in Cancún. Oh no! Tulum is where you want to go in Mexico for a relaxed beach holiday with fantastic boutique hotels like BE Tulum and very trendy restaurants and beach clubs. Our prediction is that it won’t take long before Tulum will explode in its popularity! You can fly to Cancúm starting from € 549,- and from there it’ll take you less than a two hour drive to the paradise-like Tulum.

Colombo: A destination that shouldn’t be left out on your bucket list is Sri Lanka. I was there for the first time this past May and WOW, wat an amazing country this is. It remined me a little of Bali, but more pristine and less discovered yet. What I personally find very special about this island is you can combine a beach holiday with a safari and the mountains. Your round trip to Sri Lanka starts with booking a flight to Colombo. From there you’ll definitely have to travel a little by train on to the jungle. It’s magical! A ticket to Colombo can be booked starting from € 699,-!

Havana: It has been eight years already since I’ve made a round trip through Cuba. And if you love travelling like I do you’ve probably heard many people already say it: this is the moment for an opportunity to still experience the true authentic Cuba. Because it changes rapidly and it could very well be the case that in a couple of years the American influences will become big enough that Cuba won’t be any more unique than the other islands. So grab your chance and book your round trip through Cuba NOW! You can book a flight to Havana starting from € 599,-.

Krakau: When thinking of the Eastern block of Europe, you probably won’t consider a city that has a Mediterranean feel to it and where there are cozy cafés in restaurants in galore. But of all the cities that I’ve had the chance to visit in Eastern Europe, Krakau is without a doubt the best. The city is very upcoming, but still very affordable. A great recommendation for a city trip! Book a flight to Krakau starting from € 119,-.

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HAPPY TRAVELS and have fun planning your trip!

PS: discover more hotspots and travel tips in my books DE AMSTERDAM CITY GUIDE & WANDERLUST!


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