13 x the loveliest courtyards in Amsterdam to visit this Spring

courtyards in amsterdam

Never miss any sun shine at these courtyards in amsterdam

Always looking forward to having lunch or dinner with friends, just like we do? But want something extra this time? Because a dinner can get even more fun when it’s in a lovely courtyard. It’s different than just a terrace and most of the times prettier as well with all the flowers and trees. We selected our favourite courtyards in Amsterdam for you and they’re perfect to visit this Spring!

13 x the loveliest couryards of amsterdam to discover now

Maison Demani’s: The owners of Maison Demani’s don’t only put a lot of love in their food, they also put a lot of love in their interior and courtyard. You can enjoy your pie, cupcake, eggs or pancakes here in peace! Our favourite: the pancakes!

Hemelse Modder: Luxorious dishes for sweet prices. That’s how we like it! At Hemelse Modder, you can order a 3 course menu for about 34 euros. And they serve it to you in their beautiful courtyard. Another plus: this restaurant is located near the central station. So perfect if you or your company needs to travel by train!

De Hortus Botanicus: The most beautiful plants and the most variations, yep they have them at the Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam. You don’t just go here to walk between all the green, you also go here to relax. Sit down at the cafè and enjoy!

De Hoftuin: We love De Hoftuin. During the day you can sit down in their courtyard and enjoy some drinks and bites, but in the evening it’ll get prettier. Romantic even! Beautiful lights will appear, and so will the bottles of wine.

binnentuinen in amsterdam
de hoftuin

Morgan & Mees: Lunch, drinks, dinner, sun and sleeping! It’s all possible at Morgan & Mees. They have great steak frites on the menu. And believe us, they taste even better when you’re outdoors. So luckily they have a great courtyard where you can enjoy the menu and the sun. Don’t want to leave? Stay the night!

Occo: Wow! Everything here is great. The interior, the location and the menu. But hey, Occo is part of The Dylan so what do expect. Occo isn’t a budget place, but it’s perfect for a very special lunch, with champagne of course!

Vergulden Eenhoorn: This might be our favourite courtyard. The Vergulden Eenhoorn is an old farm in the heart of Amsterdam East, which has been renovated. The old stables are the restaurant, and the little house is the cafe. What used to be the ‘countryside’ is the terrace nowadays.

De Plantage: This hotspot just had to be on the loveliest courtyards of Amsterdam list. The interior is beautiful. High ceilings, at lot of light and a mix of vintage and design. But the courtyard is even better! There’s where you can enjoy food and drinks with your friends. Yay!

binnentuinen in amsterdam
de plantage

Lion Noir: Did you know Lion Noir has one of the prettiest courtyards of Amsterdam? Perfect to escape the city life here for a bit. You can enjoy oyster here and watch the beautiful fronts of the canal houses.

Pause at Pulitzer: Have you even been to the Pulitzer hotel? If not, make sure you do! Because at Pause at Pulitzer you can sit in their beautiful courtyard. To cold? You can also sit inside if you like. Calm and fun, a must visit during Spring!

Bridges: When we think of a fancy place, we think of Bridges. Going here for lunch, dinner or drinks is a whole experience. They serve dishes like caviar and langoustine. Yum! So want a special night? Bridges is ready for you!

Genki:  Want to eat sushi, but don’t want to sit inside? Then you should go to Genki! They have a great courtyard where you can enjoy your delicious sushi. All you can eat, or just a la carte.

Nelis: This cozy restaurant feels like home! You can go here for tasty dishes with great prices. And when the sun is shining, sit in their courtyard. We recommend the gambas with spicy sauce!

Which courtyard is your favourite?

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Photocredits: de hoftuin, de plantage

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