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Intro Hong Kong

Hong Kong: is it a country? Is it a city? It belongs to China right? You can answer those questions yourself, but one thing’s for sure: Hong Kong is really a lot of fun. From eating delicious food to shopping in one of their thousands of shopping malls. If you’re brave enough, you can try out their various street food bites (hygiene-wise it’s not always the best, so bringing some Norit might be handy). Have you already tried dim sum before? Also possible to eat that in the Netherlands, but in Hong Kong you can try the real thing. Soo delicious! And are you a fan of English afternoon tea? In Hong Kong they have high tea, which is afternoon tea with a twist.

And then you have the incredible view. Hong Kong has a beautiful skyline that you can see at different hotspots. Lastly, skyscrapers and 24/7 a busy city life. Need I say more?

Hong Kong