6 x movies you want to see in the cinema this month

no plans tonight? these movies are a must see!

Yes, time flies because it’s June again which means; summer! Even tough the sun is shining often, and we can be found outside more than inside, it is nice to chill and sit down to watch a movie in the cinema. There are plenty of nice movies this month, so deciding which one to go to can be hard. Or just go to all of them ;-)

Movie night we friends, we can’t wait! First some bites, then heading towards the cinema. Where you can watch these movies? We named it for you! But of course these movies play in more cities than just Amsterdam. These are the must see movies for this month.

6 X movies you want to see this month

Watch these 6 cinema movies in June! From comedy to action. Have fun!

1. Baywatch

The beaches of California, bay watchers, six packs, humor and action. What else do you want. In the movie Baywatch, the cinema version of the famous series, two bay watchers (Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron) try to prevent a criminal plot from happening so they can protect the beach. So action, but if you watch the trailer you’ll see that there’s a lot of comedy as well. We love it!

Pathé: Pathé de Munt, Pathé Arena

2. A Dog’s Purpose

Ethan and his dog Bailey are inseparable. Ethan has been able to count on his dog for years.  When he needed comfort, fun, but also a push into the right direction. Every dog life, Bailey plays a big part in the live of his owners and learns how dog and a human can make live beautiful together. He will never forget his first owner Ethan. Will they meet again someday?

Pathé: Pathé de Munt, Pathé Tuschinski, Pathé Arena

3. Hidden Figures

The story about 3 amazing Afro-American women whom helped America get into space during the 60’s, while they worked at NASA. A good movie that got some oscar nomination. So it’s definitely a must see. They helped during one of the biggest space operations and made the ‘Space Race’ go crazy, which gave the country courage again. An inspiring movie about race, gender, and dreams.

Pathé: Pathé de Munt
Cineville: Cinerama

4. Pirates Of The Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge

In this new adventure, Jack Sparrow fights with his enemy Captain Salazar. Salazar and his men escape from the Devil’s Triangle and have one goal left: kill all pirates, especially Jack Sparrow. Sparrow’s only hope to survive can be found in the Trident of Poseidon.

Pathé: Pathé Arena, Pathé de Munt, Pathé Tuschinski
Cineville: FilmHallen, The Movies

5. Broers

Lukas and Alexander are bothers, opposites with a strong connections. Lukas looks up to his brother and follows him everywhere. When Alexanders decides to go to France, Lukas goes with him. They grow to each other, but also get to know their differences. A search for their own identity, and Lukas finds out he has to go his own way.

Pathé: Pathé City
FilmHallen, Kriterion, Het Ketelhuis

6. The Sense of An Ending

Tony Webster lives an secluded and silent life. But at one point, his past seems to catch up on him and makes his live turn upside down.  He is forces to confront the truth about this first love, and has to face the consequences to the decides he made a long time ago.

Pathé: Pathé Tuschinski
Cineville: Het Ketelhuis, Rialto, Cinecenter, Studio K

Tip: don’t forget to check our list with the newest restaurants in Amsterdam. Your movie night is complete when you have good food right?!

Have fun!

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