5 x movies you want to see in the cinema in April


Yes, April! The sun is shining a little more often and we’re super excited for summer. But because it’s still Holland, the sun is not always here. That’s why we love to spend our nights at the cinema. We made a new list with the best, most impressive and funniest movies for you to watch this month.

We love old school movie nights with drinks and bites before and after. It’s still one of our favourite ways to relax for a bit. For all movies we’re telling you where they show in Amsterdam but of course you can watch them in movie theaters in other cities too.


Today I’m sharing the 7 cinema movies who can’t be missed in April. Think of movies where you’re probably going to laugh a lot and movies that really get you. Have fun!

1. Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and The Beast can’t miss in our list of movies need visit this month (if you already have not been there;-)) A classic story of the beloved characters of the famous fairy tale we watched as a kid repeatedly, come to life in a live version. The film needs no explanation, go go go!

Pathé: Pathé Arena, Pathé City, Pathé Munt, Pathé Tuschinski
Cineville: FilmHallen

2. Before I Fall – (From April 20)

One of the trailers that we still remember after visiting Beauty and the Beast is Before I Fall. One morning Samantha wakes up with no future. Every day she is experiencing that specific day again, until the fateful end. Samantha had a perfect life and was well organized, when she relives it every she starts over after thinking a while. Was it that perfect?

Pathé: Not available
Cineville: Not available

3. Fast & Furious 8 – (From April 13)

I love the Fast & Furious series and can’t wait for the eighth film. Dom and Letty are on their honeymoon, Brian and Mia are taking an early retirement and together with the rest of the crew they try to lead a normal life. Which of course will not happen, exciting!

Pathé: Pathé Arena, Pathé City, Pathé Munt
Cineville: Not available

 4. Voor elkaar gemaakt – (from April 20)

Voor Elkaar Gemaakt is a Dutch film about Felix who’s enjoying his single life until he ends up in hospital after a one night stand with a particular incident. When he wakes up, he got the news that he is sterile and will never be able to have children. Until he remembers that he has made a sperm donation before…

Pathé: Pathé Arena, Pathé Munt, Pathé Tuschinski
Cineville: Not available

5. 20th Century Woman 

20th Century Woman is about growing up and being young in the beautiful California in the 70’s. The fifteen-year-old Jamie is raised by his single mother Dorothea. She is clearly from another generation, but she tries to understand her son. She gets help from Abbie Julie, together they have a a lot of impact on the sensitive Jamie. Tip: visit before or after the movie Strangelove for dinner! 

Pathé: Not available

6. A United Kingdom

In 1947 Seretse Khama, the prince of Botswana, meetes Ruth Williams, a office worker from London. They feel instantly attracted to each other, despite their differences, they are each other’s soulmate. The planned marriage encounters a lot of resistance from families, but also from the British and South African government. That this couple reigns a country is unthinkable…

Pathé: Pathé City, Pathé Tuschinski
Cineville: Cinecenter, The Movies, FilmHallen

7. Get Out  – (vanaf 20 april)

The horrorhit of this year is Get Out. An African-American boy travels with his white girlfriend to the southern estate of her family to meet her parents. His parents seem really nice at first glance, until he discovers strange habbits and gets why he’s invited.

Pathé: Not available
Cineville: Not available

Tip: don’t forget to check our list with the newest restaurants in Amsterdam. Your movie night is complete when you have good food right?!

Have fun watching!



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