11 x the best beach clubs in The Netherlands to relax

beach clubs in the netherlands

these are the most fun beach clubs in the netherlands

YES, summer is here. The temperature finally allows us to go to the beach. Better said; it’s time for some beach days! After a long beach walk or hours of tanning on the beach we are always looking for the best beach clubs in the Netherlands for delicious wine, good lunch or lounge areas to enjoy life. Take your sunscreen and towel and plan a day out or even a weekend to the sea and visit the nicest beach clubs in the Netherlands.

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11 X beach clubs in the netherlands you will enjoy

Blooming Beach: one of our favourite beach clubs in the Netherlands is Blooming Beach in Bergen. Order a delicious glass of rosé, go into the hot tub or enjoy a warm sunshine. Craving for something nice? Blooming Beach’s snacks and dishes are not only super delicious, they are also healthy, contain many vegetables and are affordable.

Bernie’s Beach Club: A little while ago George closed its doors in Zandvoort and now we welcome Bernie’s Beach Club with open arms. A beach club with two sweet water swimming pools, with one that’s heated, a nice bar and lovely beach beds that make you want to stay for the whole day. The chef worked for 14 years as a souschef in a Michelin restaurant, so you can guess what to expect at their restaurant.

Mango’s: welcome to this Spanish atmosphere! At this beach club in Zandvoort, they have created a Spanish village with various pavilions. You can see palm- and olive trees everywhere, sit on the best lounge chairs and enjoy a Spanish atmosphere, which makes us feel like booking a trip to Spain. Vamos Vamos!

Club Zand: This beach club in Castricum makes sure you’re stress free in no time. A rustic, green laidback place where you can have a delicious lunch, bites and wine and enjoy live music on Fridays. Keep an eye on the Facebook page of Club Zand for the performing artists!

Whoosh: this beach club in Scheveningen has been known for its food for a long time already. Here you can find original cuisine with oriental influences. In the morning you can enjoy a nice breakfast with a healthy green shake or a good coffee and in the afternoon you can go for wine with one of their homemade cakes. Tip: go for a Whoosah combo; a large plate with different snacks to share.

Beach clubs

Beachclub Titus: in Kijkduin you will find a beach club with simple but tasty dishes and friendly service, where you can spend the whole day . Titus has specials like Ladies Lobster Night, Beach BBQ and Fingerfoods. Fact: you can give your lover the “I do”, with the sound of the sea in the background. Getting excited yet?

Buiten: this beach club is located on the Black Path just outside the Boulevard. This place is considered one of the most beautiful places of Scheveningen beach. Visit this beach club in the Netherlands for a nice lunch or dinner or relax in the lounge area in the afternoon with the most enjoyable music.

Beachclub O: the place to be in Noordwijk. The crowd visiting this beach tent is trendy and social and you can go here for the best parties. Also, they serve the best seafood dishes such as an Atlantic King Crab Cocktail or fresh mussels. YUM!

Beach clubs
Beachclub Titus

Beachclub at Sea: at the front of Kijkduin, behind the dunes, you will find Beachclub at Sea. This colorful beach club offers an amazing view of the beautiful Zuiderstrand. Only a few years old and already one of Kijkduin’s most visited spots.

The Waterreus: this beach club is well-known among the inhabitants of Scheveningen. You can enjoy the beautiful view and the sea all year long. After the renovation, the modern decor got a cosy atmosphere, which makes sure this hotspot is always filled with people.

Branding: at this beach club in Noordwijk you really come to relax or relieve stress. It is the perfect place to enjoy the sun after a beach walk with your lover, girlfriends or even grandfather and grandmother.

Have fun at these beach clubs in the Netherlands!

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Photocredits: Blooming bergen, opstapmetlisa

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