Back to Black Amsterdam West: for good, black coffee with a story (and apple pie)

Back to Black Amsterdam West for your dose of caffeine

Back to Black, you know, that nice coffee spot near the Museumplein, gets a second location! Soon the doors of this coffee walhalla will open in West on the Van Hallstraat. Owners Noortje Vlutters and Inge Bulthuis have traveled for many years and regularly enjoyed a cup of coffee in a local coffee bar in the other side of the world. Although they always recalled that they wanted to have a nice, homy coffee bar, it didn’t happen for a long time. Inge had an internship in Australia and became even more interested in coffee, after her graduation she worked in the coffee branche but it wasn’t what she wanted completely… Et voilà, after a tete a tete with Noortje there was Back to Black Amsterdam West. And we are happy about that, otherwise we would have to miss this spot!

The coffee that is served at Back to Black Amsterdam West is coffee they have selected and bought from different importers or even directly from the farmer. Bruno Souza is one of those farmers, his daughter studies in the Netherlands and works as barista in the coffee paradise, the Brazilian coffee served is from her father! So, coffee with a story!

back to black amsterdam westVery cool: Inge dreamed for years to roast coffee herself and to start her own coffee roasting facility and she did it! Back to Black Amsterdam West has its own coffee roastery on the industrial area of Amsterdam Westpoort. And besides the coffee roasting facility, you’ll find the bakery where they make all their pies. Oh my… It must smell delicious there!

try the apple pie at back to black amsterdam west

At Back to Black Amsterdam West you’ll order one (or more) of the homemade pies and cakes to go with your black coffee. They also have savory snacks like quiche and a snack with puff pastry. In the new location you can also have a grilled sandwich, nice! Tip: definitely go for the apple pie that has been made for 3 years with a secret recipe ;-)

Sustainability is also important for Back to Black Amsterdam West, so everything you can get here is vegetarian or vegan or made with organic products. They make everything themselves so they know exactly what is in their products. Thumbs up!

back to black amsterdam westNice: Back to Black might make you think of Amy Winehouse’s song, but that is not the inspiration of the name of the coffee bar. The name indicates that they are a third wave specialty coffee bar. Third wave is the shortest flow after Starbucks. At Starbucks you can order a pumpkin spice decaf half shot skim extra tall latte etc, but the third wave specialty coffee bars want to go back to the basis. The coffee itself, so without all additions. Black – Back to Black!

We’ll keep you posted about when you can taste the coffee in West!

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