These are the 8 fall fashion trends to put on your shopping wish list!

and we tell you how to shop them for very little money

The end of the summer always gives me a little bit of mixed feelings. It’s so nice when the weather’s still sunny, but deep down I honestly long for a different season. I always look forward to something new. Or better said: to new items in my wardrobe and new ‘success-oufits’ that will make sure you get spontaneous compliments for (YAY!) looking so nice. A thing that’s also always helpful around the time the stores are full with the newest fashion collections is a touch up for your hair at the hairdresser. Another thing I always do (better yet, I’m in the middle of it while writing this blog) is arrange a large detox for my wardrobe. Not only to make some room for all the new finds, but also to create a budget for a MEGA shopping spree.

i turn a € 500,- shopping budget into € 1.000,- to € 1.500,-

My secret? Every season I sell almost a third of my wardrobe through platforms like Amsterdam Yardsale, Marktplaats or at the IJ-hallen. I always collect around € 500,- this way. Doesn’t sound too bad, does it? But here comes my largest secret. I turn this € 500,- into € 1.000,- to € 1.500,- in just one day of shopping. Okay, so now I have your attention, don’t I? Because every season I take the Shopping Shuttle from Amsterdam Central Station to Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet. There you score clothes and other items by top brands with discounts between 30% and 70% the whole year through. This past year lots of stores have been added, like: America Today, G-Star Raw, Shabbies, Summum Woman, Samsonite, Tommy Hilfiger, Circle of Trust and Adidas Originals. The outlet is now bigger than ever! Before I go shopping I turn to the ‘September issues’ of Vogue, Elle and Glamour for some inspiration and I make a list with the fashion trends of the new season of which I definitely want to score something of. What’s on my fashion wish list of this year? I’ll tell you by some of the trends I’ve spotted while I was in New York this past week!

8 fall trends to put on your shopping wish list

LEOPARD: I always say: if you can get away with it, wear it. And yes, I personally am a huge fan of leopard print. During my last shopping spree I scored the leopard jacket pictured above at Scotch & Soda. Such a good catch!

TARTAN DIAMONDS: It’s hard to ignore it this winter. Everywhere you see items with a diamond fabric. In palazza pants, thick woolen jackets and diamond patterned shoes. Shopping tips: make sure to visit Tommy Hilfiger, where at the moment they have a very cute blue diamond patterned jacket in store, but also go to Scotch & Soda, Ralph Lauren and Summum Woman.

YELLOW: From leather bags to leather shoes and statement jackets. Yellow seems to become the colour of the fall of 2017. Feel like going shopping? Check out America Today for a yellow Rains raincoat or Fred de la Bretonière for beautiful yellow leather shoes or a bag.

DENIM: It’s time to say goodbye to your skinny jeans for good this winter. Instead, go for a more relaxed fit, flared jeans or even ‘deconstructed denim’ with different kinds of jeans processed into one pants. For these items you’ll definitely succeed at G-Star Raw, Denham and Levi’s among others.

METALLIC: From silver to bronze and colour to gold. Metallic items are everywhere this winter. As in skirts, pants, shoes and bags. If you’re looking for a striking golden pants like pictured above you pay a visit to Scotch & Soda, Michael Kors and Calvin Klein!

SPORTY: Here at the office we kinda like this trend. Neat pants, but with a sporty edge like a bright coloured line on the side. This you can score at Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet at Circle of Trust and Adidas Originals, for example.

FLORAL: Another trend of which I hope sticks around for a while is the floral print. From dreamy dresses to blazers and even complete trouser suits. Chances are you’ll succeed for these items at stores like Scotch & Soda and Summum Woman whenever you’re in Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet.

and at last one more shopping tip…

Make sure to register as a member before you head off to Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet. Because in that way you’ll get even more profit and discount and you’ll safe 5% of your purchase at the most stores, which you can use for future purchases of course.

Happy shopping!



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