10 tips to survive your fear of flying

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This is how you’ll survive your fear of flying, even during a long flight!

The summer vacay is coming, yeah! Are you going for a sunny beach break this year or is it going to be a city trip with your best friends? However, traveling is a lot less fun when you are afraid of flying. Today I will share my personal tips on fear of flying with you guys. This is how even you will survive a long flight!

1. Check if there is wifi

Nowadays, more flights are having wifi on board. Yes, even the short flights! Hallelujah. Reading the latest articles on Your Little Black Book or watching your favorite serie on Netflix is the perfect distraction for your fear of flying. You’ll see that time flies by (literally) and you’ll be on the ground again in no time.

2. distract yourself

Bring your laptop or tablet in your hand luggage, so you can play games, surf the internet or binge watch on Netflix. No wifi on your flight? Go old school and bring a good book, some magazines or even a puzzle book. Distraction is key! Tip: my book on Wanderlust will get you through the flight ;) !

3. pay attention during the safety instructions

Almost nobody pays attention during the safety instructions (shame on us), but if you’re afraid of flying, it’s very important to pay attention at this moment. It’s proven that people with fear of flying find reassurance and relaxation in listening to the instructions. Still stressed? Ask the flight attendant to tell you more about the technology on the plain. Knowing where the exits are, how the procedure works and even how your food is being made will make you relax more. No stress!

4. don’t eat or drink sugar or caffeine

A quick stop at the Starbucks before your flight might be delicious, but it is not so good for you if you’re afraid of flying. Food and drinks high on sugar and caffeine before or during your flight will make you even more stressed and hyped up. Drink a cup of tea instead of your favorite latte. Without sugar ;) !

5. Play some music

Listening to music has a relaxing effect. Load your smartphone of ipod with peaceful and calming tunes, or bring a long your favorite music to district yourself. Turn it up to avoid hearing crazy sounds, like the noise of the engine.

6. Do breathing exercises

If you’re really stressed out, do some breathing exercises. For example, take a really deep breath and count to four. Slowly breath out at six, like you’re blowing out a candle. It works like magic!

7. Don’t take a chill pill

Taking a chill pill is absolutely not done if you’re afraid of flying. Most homeopathic pills don’t even work, so they will do nothing for you, and the real ‘chill pills’ are illegal and unhealthy. Besides, feeling fuzzy from some relaxing pill can increase your anxiety.

8. Tell someone

If you’re really scared of flying, it is probally wise to tell the person who seated next to you. You can even tell someone of the cabin crew; they know exactly how to handle this and help you. So when you’re stressing out, someone can calm you down.

9. Face your fear

This tactical approach doesn’t work for anyone, but you can try it. Try to face your fear instead of ignoring it. Did you knew that there are special courses for people with fear of flying?

10. think about your destination!

You booked your trip so you can relax and enjoy, right? So, when your stressed during the flight, think about your destination. It’s totally worth it, keep that in mind!

Do you suffer from fear of flying? How do you handle this? Share your tips with us!



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