Dr. Pieper Amsterdam: for special fries on the Kinkerstraat

fresh fries and EXTRAORDINARY concept at dr. pieper amsterdam

Great news for real fries lovers! There is a new snack bar in town on the Kinkerstraat that you’ll definitely want to visit: Dr. Pieper Amsterdam. Dr. Pieper is not an ordinary snack bar, it’s a cool snack bar with a special concept. Owner Jelle Westland wants to offer the best and most special fries experience of the Netherlands (and actually the world ;-)). That sounds promising! Currently they are still in their try-out phase, but soon this snack bar will open officially.

The interior is dark and mysterious, other than you might expect from a snack bar. They paid a lot of attention to details. There is a potato exhibition that you can watch while you wait and the interior (and staff) is dressed with doctor and scientist items. Cool!

dr. pieper amsterdam

hand cut fries and fresh croquettes at dr. pieper amsterdam

What can we order here? Think of hand cut fries baked in coconut oil with homemade sauces like truffle mayonnaise, peppaden basilicum mayonnaise and chipotle mayonnaise. Besides that we can go to Dr. Pieper for fresh handmade croquettes like a pepper chipotle croquette with tomato lime salsa, vegan curry lentil croquette with an Indian raita and an Old Amsterdam mustard seed croquette with ‘Amsterdams zuur’. For the topping we can choose from sweet pulled chicken or Indonesian beef stew. Oh my…

Dr. Pieper Amsterdam also offers a lot of vegan options. The fries are baked in coconut oil and they have vegan mayonnaise. And as I mentioned above, there is also a vegan croquette option! This will make the consideration to eat more vegan food a lot easier for us ;-)

dr. pieper amsterdam

For those who wondered why the snack bar is named Dr. Pieper: Westland has said that he met Dr. Pieper, a special potato scientist, in South America. then, this Dr. Pieper gave him the secret recipe for the best and most delicious fries. Now we definitely want to eat fries tonight!

Ps: In the nearby future, à la minute fresh nitro oxygen ice cream will also be available. We can’t wait!

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Photocredits: Dr. Pieper Amsterdam

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