De Prael Houthavens Amsterdam: for a homebrewed beer on a sunny terrace

At De Prael Houthavens Amsterdam you’re getting that living room feeling

De Prael Houthavens Amsterdam is your favourite new to got to, to celebrate the weekend with friends. Not because they have one of the biggest terraces in Amsterdam, but most of all because they have the tastiest beers and the best dishes to serve with them. You’ve probably already spotted the first location of De Prael at the Wallen, and soon one in Amsterdam West.

A tasting room where you feel home right away because of the kind atmosphere, living room interior style and friendly approach. As they say themselves; occasional messy, but always from good quality.

What makes De Prael Houthavens Amsterdam so special? Fer and Arno were able to combine their work as a psychiatric nurses and their hobby brewing beer to make a job for people who are not able to work in the ‘normal’ job market. Over the years the company has grown into a successful tasting room and shop where we all are happy to drop by sometimes.

de prael houthavens amsterdam

De Prael Houthaves Amsterdam for the best beer/food combination

The menu at De Prael Houthavens Amsterdam shows this beautiful beer and food combination. Think of street food as sandwiches with pork belly, but also typical Dutch mashed potatoes. In other words, good food to make sure you can taste all the beers on the menu. Beer is a special thing at De Prael Houthavens Amsterdam, you can order beers from IPA, Scotch Ale, Tripel, but also beer that’s brewed by Prael Houthavens Amsterdam itself from rainwater.

Rainwater? Yep, the new brewery is dedicated to sustainability and collects and filters rainwater. The brewery can relieve the city of nearly 500,000 gallons of water that causes many problems. Thanks to that, we can then enjoy the rainwater beers on their sunny terrace. YES!

de prael houthaves amsterdamBack to the one thing on the menu that we absolutely need to try: de Ballen van Freek! Yes, we had to read that twice. The chef Freek is a hero with balls, and then we’re talking about meatballs. We can not wait to taste them!

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