CoffeeConcepts Amsterdam: opens third location on the Kinkerstraat in West

CoffeeConcepts Amsterdam

CoffeeConcepts Amsterdam comes to the coffee street of Amsterdam

Your favourite coffee bar from the city center and South comes to thé coffee street of Amsterdam; the Kinkerstraat! CoffeeConcepts Amsterdam is competing with popular coffee spots as Lot Sixty One, Coffee Room, Doppio Espresso and CoffeeCompany, but they don’t seem to give a ***. We can find the third location of CoffeeConcepts Amsterdam at the beginning of the Kinkerstraat. Or at the end, it’s just how you look at it. The caffeine spot lays next to the Kinkerbrug, near Lokaal Edel! I’m so happy that this place is on my bike route to the YOURLBB office, coffee to go please!

We will keep you up to date about the opening date and whether we can also come in for a brainstorm session while enjoying a good cup of coffee or even a sandwich with hummus and grilled vegetables (this is so good).

Ps: we just updated our list with hotspots on the Kinkerstraat. Check the new go to places and get a coffee soon at CoffeeConcepts Amsterdam.

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Photocredits: CoffeeConcepts

Amsterdam West Map