Circl Amsterdam: a special rooftop garden / bar on the Zuidas

CIRCL Amsterdam

CIRCL Amsterdam made with 16.000 old jeans and paving stones

CIRCL Amsterdam is a new circular platform on the Zuidas where society comes together for a sustainable world. What? That’s exactly what we thought. ABN AMBRO wanted to contribute to a sustainable world where nothing of what we make, buy or use, will get lost. So in 2015 they made plans to build a building by the reuse of materials. How? By using 16,000 old jeans for the isolation and by making the basement with old windows and old paving stones. Special, right ?! Two years later, the doors of CIRCL Amsterdam are finally open.

CIRCL Amsterdam is a meeting place for startups and educational institutions, neighborhood residents and established companies, governments and citizens. Actually for everyone! Besides being a meeting place, CIRCL Amsterdam also has a restaurant and a very nice rooftop bar with garden where you can relax!

rooftop bar of CIRCL Amsterdam; both tea and night garden

The CIRCL Rooftop bar transforms from day to night and night to day. During the day it’s a Tea Garden where you can escape the chaos from the city without even missing it for a minute. Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and a delicious, organic lunch on the roof garden. And in the evening, the rooftop bar changes into a Night Garden. Better said come here for a good glass of wine, cocktail or an ice cold beer. Cheers with colleagues on successes or with friends on a nice evening.

Ps: It’s not a spelling mistake that the letter E in CIRCL Amsterdam is missing. An important starting point of circularity is that what you don’t need can be left out. You don’t need the E to pronounce CIRCL. Bravo, they thought of seriously everything!

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Photocredits: ABN AMRO

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