6 x movies you want to see in the cinema this August

want to go to the movies? these ones are a must see!

YES, summer! It doesn’t matter if the sun shines and you’re on the terrace all day already or if you’re hiding for the rain inside, going to the movies is always a go! We listed the best movies to see this month in the cinema. Movie night with friends or a date with your lover, you want to see these movies!

Where you can watch these movies? We named it for you! But of course these movies play in more cities than just Amsterdam. These are the must see movies for this month.

6 X movies you want to see this month

These are 6 movies that you want to see this August. From thrillers to the real deal feel good ones.

1. My Cousin Rachel

My Cousin Rachel is a dark romantic drama / thriller. A young Englishman wants to take revenge on his mysterious and gorgeous cousin, because he thinks that this woman killed his guardian (cousin). The Englishman received a letter from his cousin saying that he felt poisoned. After getting the letter he wants to solve the mystery. Until he starts to catch feelings for his niece …

Pathé: Pathé Tuschinski, Pathé Arena, Pathé City
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2. The Big Sick

The Big Sick is a nice romantic comedy. After a one-night stand, Kumail and Emily are head over heels with each other. Kumail hides his new girlfriend for his traditional Pakistani parents who prefer to see him with a Pakistani girl. When Emily finds out that Kumail hides her, she never wants to see him again. And then Emily ends up in a coma. Kumail doesn’t move from her side, to the annoyance of Emily’s parents, what will change everything forever. The Big Sick is a true story.

Pathé: Pathé Tuschinski, Pathé Arena, Pathé City
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3. Annabelle (From August 10)

Annabelle is a horror movie and is the sequel of the successful film Lights Out. Annabelle is a movie about a dollmaker and his wife who lost their daughter in a tragic accident a few years ago. When the orphanage in the city closes, the couple decides to welcome some girls and a nun in their home. These girls then become target of the doll Annabelle, the possessed doll in their house.

Pathé: Pathé Tuschinski, Pathé Arena, Pathé City

4. Nocturama

Before the attacks in France, director Bonello started filming a new movie, a thriller about a couple of young terrorists in the French capital. The members of this group are typical Parisians, from a bourgeois student, an unemployed thirty year old to the children of the Paris banlieue. What brings them together is unclear as well as their ideological motives. The group of terrorists gets together in an abandoned department store in Paris. While they dance and drink, they see on TV the bombs exploding that they have placed earlier that day. The Ministry of the Interior, the business district La Défense and also the statue of Jeanne d’Arc have been affected.

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5. UNA

Una had a sexual relationship with adult Ray as a thirteen-year-old girl. Fifteen years later, she decides to look for him again, she wants answers. Ray is in shock when Una suddenly shows up at his work and confronts him with the past. Ray has built a new life, including a new name. Una wants to know why Ray abused her and if he really had feelings for her, while she tries to understand her own sometimes difficult feelings.

Pathé: Pathé City
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6. The Edge of Seventeen (From August 3)

Nadine is a seventeen-year-old student who’s a real outsider. She’s really straight to the point, has only one friend, and loves to eat her lunch on the toilet. Instead of being nicer to people, she tries to work with the weaknesses of fellow students and even her history teacher, what doesn’t make her feel better either. When Nadine’s best friend Krista start to date with her brother, Nadine’s world collapses.

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Have fun!

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