Champagneria Five Brothers Fat Amsterdam for campagne, champagne and tapas

Champagneria five Brothers Fat Amsterdam

taste champagne at Champagneria Five Brothers Fat Amsterdam

Champagneria Five Brothers Fat Amsterdam is the first champagneria in Amsterdam and makes many hearts race. A restaurant focussed on champagne, I mean, can it even get better?! The hospitality brothers Robo Klos, Gideon Muller, Mats van der Sluijs, Serge Stoop and Rasmus Emmelkamp, known for their restaurants Resto bar Snappers and champagne bar and Cafe-Restaurant In de Buurt, couldn’t stay away from all the champagne bars in the neighbourhood Barceloneta during their trip to Barcelona.

In a small street in Barcelona, you’ll find the popular cava bar Xampaneria where they have so many bottles of cava and everyone’s enjoying small tapas dishes. The hospitality brothers decided to take this Mediterranean succes story to Amsterdam, located on De Clercqstraat 46 in Amsterdam West to be exact ;-)

drinks until late at Champagneria Five Brothers Fat Amsterdam

At Champagneria Five Brothers Fat Amsterdam, you can come for drinks and many bites until late in the evening. Think of small Spanish dishes with a twist. Modern, small dishes influenced by Asia, South- and Central America which are perfect for shared dining. Too fun: the dishes will change every month so it will be a surprise every time you visit. And when it comes to drinks, they will mainly serve champagne, cava and cocktails!

The interior has a Spanish touch as well, just like we hoped for! Champagneria Five Brothers Fat Amsterdam will remind you of those Spanish cava bars which you see a lot in Barcelona. An open kitchen, chef’s table and a marble bar where you can have an amazing dinner.

Ps: You can try the ‘Can Paxiono‘ cava from the famous chamgagneria in Barcelona at the Champagneria Five Brothers Fat Amsterdam!

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