3 x Champagne cocktails for New Years Eve!

champagne cocktails

Bubbly galore: the best champagne cocktails for nye!

At Yourlbb we love bubbly. When there’s something to celebrate we pop a bottle! “The best time to celebrate is whenever you can” is our motto for life ;-) When we go out for a nice dinner with friends a bottle of  Champagne is our favourite drink to start the evening with. For New Year’s Eve a nice glass of bubbly is a must for every party! We found 3 x delicious champagne cocktails for NYE. Enjoy!

3 x champagne cocktails for a great start of the new year

1) Blood Orange Float
1/4 cup blood orange sorbet
1/2 cup bubbly
Lime zest

How to make it:
Scoop the sorbet ice into a glass. Slowly top with bubbly and garnish with zest.
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2) Figs Bubbly

How to make it:
Cut the figs into wedges and use 2-3 wedges per glass. Top of with bubbly!
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3) Raspberry Basil champagne cocktail
2 lemon wedges
4 basil leaves, roughly torn
6 raspberries
1/2 ounce limoncello
1 ounce lemon vodka

How to make it:
Add the raspberries, basil and lemon wedge to a long drink glass. Muddle until raspberries are pureed and basil has been bruised. Fill glass with ice. Add limoncello, lemon vodka, sugar and stir until sugar is dissolved. Top with champagne. Garnish with a single raspberry and lemon wheel, if desired.
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Good luck with making these champagne cocktails!

Ps: The champagne for these cocktails can be purchased at l’Atelier du Champagne. At this champagne house they have the best champagne as a gift, for drinks or at dinner or of course to make your champagne cocktail ;-)

Happy new year!

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