10 x restaurants with ceviche in Amsterdam to test right now

ceviche in amsterdam

These are the spots to enjoy ceviche in amsterdam!

Ceviche might be originally from South-America… gladly we can also order this amazing dish in Amsterdam! What is ceviche? Fresh, raw fish with a lot of lime, spices and most of the time red onions. It’s so delicious and fresh! To experience this South-American dish in our own city we looked up great restaurants were ceviche in Amsterdam is on the menu! Yum!

MOMO: At Momo you can choose from ceviche with salmon and avocado ánd the tirade, the younger brother of ceviche. Take for example with one with yellow fish, coriander, chili and soy. 

Mossel en Gin: Not only are the shrimp bitterbals and lobster croquets worth trying, the ceviche is one to remember too. Order next to your glass of white wine the ceviche tartare of whitefish, mussels, mango and coconut. Hmm, this combination can not go wrong!

ceviche in amsterdam
mossel & gin

Guts & Glory: At Guts & Glory yo can order a lot of courses with of course a dish with ceviche. Fish in tigermilk with roasted corn, sweet potato cream and coriander. Are you more of a meat person? Each season they have another ‘beast’ that’s the main dish. Worth trying!

The Harbour Club: The Harbour Club is of course the place to be for everything that comes from the sea. The ceviche is really a dish you should try. Nice with avocado, edamame and kaki. Enjoy their lovely terrace in summertime, it’s so good!

Wolf Atelier: Put Wolf Atelier on your to-visit-lijst, ’cause this is one of the best restaurants in Amsterdam. Make sure you order the ceviche from Argentinian gamba, jalapeño cream, radish and sour.

ceviche in amsterdam
wolf atelier

Mashua: Mashua is a Peruvian fushion restaurant on a great location at the Prinsengracht. You can taste the most amazing dishes from Peru here and of course they serve ceviche! Do you also know what’s good here? Pisco Sour! This Peruvian cocktail is something you should try at least once in your life. Try it with your ceviche and you’ll have a great dinner :-)

Casa Peru: Casa Peru is the little sister of Mashua and that means more delicious Peruvian food. The ceviche de pescado on the menu is a must try. It’s made with fresh sea bass and a sauce of lemon and unions, red pepper, fresh coriander and roasted Peruvian Corn. Heaven on a plate!

Salmuera: Salmuera is a hotspot at the Rozengracht with a modern Argentinian kitchen. Here you can find a lot of meat but also there’s also a ceviche bar with five different kinds of ceviche! This a perfect spot to enjoy a night with friends, to try out and share!

ceviche in amsterdam

Rose’s Cantina: Rose’s Cantina exists for more than 30 years at the Reguliersdwarsstraat in the centre of Amsterdam. This originally Mexican restaurant serves food from whole Latin-America. There are 3 types of ceviche on the menu for each 12 euro. Yeah! The interior is hip but cosy which means this a great place to go for an night out with friends and enjoy some good food.

Brut de Mer: At this hotspot at the Gerard Douplein in the Pijp you can celebrate the weekend with bubbles and oysters and of course ceviche! Lekker!

What’s your favourite place to eat ceviche in Amsterdam?

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Photocredits: Mossel & Gin, Wolf Atelier