Carnivoresmokebbq Amsterdam: this is where you want to eat as a meat lover!

attention meat lovers, carnivoresmokebbq Amsterdam is your to go

YES, there is a new spot in Amsterdam south where you can eat a lot of meat; Carnivoresmokebbq Amsterdam at the Amstelveenseweg! For a good piece of meat you really want to go here. The secret? The way how they prepare the meat, they smoke the meat for more than 16 hours on Dutch fruit juice. It takes a while, but it’s worth it!

ribs and pulled pork at CARNIVORESMOKEBBQ Amsterdam

You probably don’t have to ask what’s on the menu at Carnivoresmokebbq Amsterdam: meat, meat and even more meat. Think of spare ribs, pulled pork, BBQ and beef ribs. So no, not really a place to go to with your vega friends ;-) As side dishes they have mac and cheese (!), salads, corn bread and not to be missed, French fries. Some space left for dessert? Go for the cheesecake, apple pie or some ice cream!

When you like cocktails, you need to go to Carnivoresmokebbq with your friends as well! Get the classics like a bloody mary or rather take a margarita. Making a choice will not be easy … We are definitely happy with this new spot on the Amstelveenseweg, how nice is that street today with all the new hotspots and restaurants!

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Amsterdam Old South Map