Cafe Zurich Amsterdam: the center of Mercatorplein

Cafe Zurich Amsterdam

It’s round and it has a red roof: Cafe Zurich Amsterdam!

Cafe Zurich Amsterdam is a café restaurant at Mercatorplein. A funny, round building with a big terrace for in the summer, and a fire place to warm up during the winter. At Cafe Zurich you eat good affordable food. Here you can go from early morning until late evening: so for breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks!

From the outside Cafe Zurich Amsterdam looks a bit weird. But inside it is stylish and super cozy! The perfect place for a day of work, to drink coffee or eat a bite.

Tip: Cafe Zurich is build on top of an underground parking garage. So here you can easily park your car! Wanna know at what restaurants you can also park your car? Read our blog!

Cafe Zurich Amsterdam

Adres: Mercatorplein 2 B, Amsterdam
Buurt: Amsterdam West
Website: check de Facebookpagina!

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