Bouillon Brothers Amsterdam: for a healthy boost at 4 o’clock in the afternoon

Bouillon Brothers Amsterdam

flu? come to the Bouillon Brothers Amsterdam in West

Did you know that broth is one of the healthiest drinks and that it’s a delicious boost around 4 o’clock in the afternoon? Healthy, works better and is also tastier than coffee and definitely better than the Cup-a-Soup soups that you somehow need to drink to get more energy in the afternoon… Bouillon Brothers Amsterdam is the place in Amsterdam West at the Houthavens where you will get your fresh and healthy broth from now on.

At Bouillon Brothers they have delicious authentic bone broths where you can add toppings like fresh vegetables, noodles, oils and (superfood) spices to your own taste. Do you have the flu? Or a cold? Then go to Bouillon Brothers Amsterdam, they also have the perfect broths to be on top of your game in no time. Broths contain a high amount of healthy micronutrients and minerals, which are good for your immune system. And there are also just few calories in there. What a lovely drink!

miss u so and The Goat Father at Bouillon Brothers Amsterdam

Good, back to the menu. Get one of the standard broths, such as calf, chicken or miso or take for example the Miss U So; Miso broth with Reishi powder, turmeric and spring onion, the Tom Yummy; chicken broth with chili oil, coconut milk and lime (YUM!) or Doctor Vealgood; calf broth with rosemary oil and roasted garlic. They all sound so good!

Besides broths, you can also go to Bouillon Brothers Amsterdam for coffee, tea, juices, breakfast, salads and sandwiches. Everything fresher than fresh and healthy. And also the names of the sandwiches and salads are too nice, think of Say Cheeseeeese, The Goat Father and La Chicka E Bella.

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Photocredits: Bouillon Brothers

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