Bougainville Amsterdam: a new luxurious restaurant on the Dam perfect for date night

for a fancy night out you go to bougainville amsterdam

We start this morning with good news: it’s almost time for the opening of the ultimate luxury hotel TwentySeven of Eric Tower. This luxury hotel, which you can find on the Dam, is not just a hotel. What you can expect? Think of a butler service and a PA for each room, a nanny service and private drivers. Ánd of couse a 24-hour-a-la-carte kitchen at star level. In addition to the opening of the hotel, we’ll soon also get acquainted with the brand new Bougainville restaurant, which is part of the hotel. Bougainville Amsterdam is both for hotel guests and guests from outside, so perfect for a fun night out with your lover!

The kitchen of Bougainville Amsterdam is led by executive chef Pascal Jalhay, former star chef of Vermeer and La Rive. In addition chef Tim Golsteijn and wine director Lendl Mijnhijmer will strengthen the team. Mijnhijmer was named most talented sommelier of 2017 by GaultMillau. That promises something ;-) The food we can taste will be the most varied dishes, such as raw coquille with avocado and crab cake of plankto and ceviche of mackerel with yuzy and sea cucumbe stomachs. There will be exclusive dinners, private dining options and special theme lunches.

Nice: for those who want to have a culinary experience with the chef, there is the ‘exclusive chefs-room‘!

We’ll keep you posted about the opening date, we are excited!

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