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Food & drinks in Amsterdam: Blauwe Theehuis. An all time favourite in the Vondelpark!


Terrace in the Vondelpark

My favourite spot in the Vondelpark for a coffee in the sun with friends is the Blue Teahouse (Het Blauwe Theehuis). As soon as the first (or last!) sunrays of the season reach Amsterdam the terrace of the Blue Teahouse gets very crowded. The Blue Teahouse has been built in 1937 and since 1998 locals and tourists get together there to enjoy the Vondelpark! Do you love scary stories? The previous owner was mysteriously murdered…

What’s on the menu this season at the Blue Teahouse?
I can be frank about that… exactly the same as last season. And that\’s exactly why the Blue Teahouse is an all time favourite. What you expect … is what you get! I recommend getting the basket with Turkish bread and homemade humus with a drink.

3 reasons to go to the Blue Teahouse:
– In summer and winter you can sit outside in the sun.
After a walk in the Vondelpark it\’s the perfect place for a drink.
– If you like to escape the city, this is the place to go!

The Blue Teahouse:
Address: Vondelpark, Amsterdam. Enter the park at the Van Eeghenstraat and look for the blue bridge and teahouse.
Neighbourhood: The Vondelpark
Price range: cheap.
Perfect for: coffee or drink

PS: the bar is self-serviced! That means when the weather is nice there will be a bit of a wait.

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