Bijvangst Amsterdam: a fish restaurant in East with a sustainable mission

Bijvangst Amsterdam

Bijvangst Amsterdam for the unkown of the fishing net

Bijvangst Amsterdam is a restaurant where you can order somewhat special fish. Actually, it shouldn’t be that special. Bycatch (in Dutch ‘Bijvangst’) is fish that is usually exported or sometimes even thrown back into the sea because they’re unknown by the customer. About 60% of the fish, crabs and starfish don’t survive this. Pretty bad, right? That’s what the men behind Bijvangst Amsterdam thought. That’s why they will soon open a restaurant where all the bycatch can be found on the menu. Be surprised by the unknown from the fishing net.

You can also learn a lot during dinner at Bijvangst. The wall in the restaurant is covered with drawings of fish with short information. There are also many other details that refer to the seafood concept. Bijvangst Amsterdam is located on the Middenweg in Amsterdam East.

Nice: would you rather prepare unknown fish at home? Buy fresh fish at Bijvangst Amsterdam and get started with the recipe you get with your fish. Or buy a ready-to-eat meal if you just want to relax in front of the TV ;-)

Besides fighting waste in the food chain, they also offer training places for people with a distance to the labour market!

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Photocredits: Bijvangst Amsterdam

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