19 x pizza in Amsterdam: discover the best pizzerias from East to West

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We know the spots for The best pizzas in Amsterdam!

Let me confess something: pizza is my guilty pleasure. Luckilyy for me, there are many pizza
spots in Amsterdam to find where you can eat delicious pizza! Therefore I’ve selected the best pizza hotspots in Amsterdam to share with you. Craving pizza? Check the list for 19 x the best pizza in Amsterdam. Is your favourite missing from the list? Let us know.

pizza in amsterdam


Sotto:  I discovered Sotto on the Roelof Hartstraat on a rainy day, when I was in a rush to find somewhere to eat. And I’m so glad that I went in because it’s one of my favourite places to eat pizza!

La Perla: La Perla is also known as ‘Little Italy’! Here they use ingredients imported from Italy and the pizzas are cooked in a stone oven. And the location on the Tweede Tuindwarsstraat is so nice!

Michel-inn: The menu here includes pizzas and pinchos that you can share! Shared dining is always fun, right? Furthermore, Michel-inn a trendy and relaxed restaurant with a huge terrace; good to know for the summer!

Lalotta: Besides Michel-inn you’ll also find Lalotta in East, on the Weesperzijde. All the pizza’s here are really good. But we especially like the tartufo. A nice detail: the owner is winner of the best pizza in The Netherlands!

De PizzabakkersIt’s all in the name! De Pizzabakkers, the pizza bakers, are the place to be for pizzas. And lucky at four different locations in town!

Faam: Good hotspot to quickly eat a pizza! Pizzas come from the wood oven and are all a little different than what you’re probably used to. And with the new Bar Kauffman as neighbours, this corner has become a very nice part of Amsterdam-West!

Via: Do you already know Da Portare Via? This pizzeria has five locations in Amsterdam, but the most popular location is next to Brandon, where you can go past with your boat and pick up a pizza.

Pomorosso: Pomorosso is my favorite restaurant to pick up pizzas. And now they also have a restaurant in The Pijp! Pizzas made by bakers from Naples; delicious!

Mangiassai: Get pizza with a thin crispy crust and fresh ingredients cooked in a brick oven. And nice to know: Mangiassai is also a pizza take-out!


Renato’s: Renato’s looks like an typical old Italian restaurant – so cozy! And they serve killer pizzas. Pizzas with a tin crust and topped with ingredients only from Italy. To order with a Italian glass of wine and you’ll have the perfect evening.

De Italiaan: This trendy restaurant is stylish furnished, has an open kitchen, wood oven and delicious pizza! And good to know for people with a gluten allergy: here they also have gluten-free pizzas who are baked in a separate oven.

Pinsa’s: Pinsa’s in the Spaarndammerbuurt was called out as the best pizzeria in the Netherlands three times, so you don’t have an excuse to not go here. They serve a monthly changing  pizza here that people are always very enthusiastic about.

Il pecorino: Il Pecorino is situated beautifully by the water, in Amsterdam North. They only serve Italian products here. That means: lovely coffee, but most of all delicious pizza. The Margharita is a pure sensation, let alone the other pizzas.

Wilde Westen: Bos en Lommer is becoming nicer and nicer, and we love to bike a little further to reach Het Wilde Westen. They serve very tasty pizzas here. We especially like the one with the burrata.

Wilde Westen Amsterdam
Wilde Westen

Yamyam: This spot in West has world famous pizzas… in the neighbourhood. ;-) Will you go for the classic pizza or something more special, maybe with spicy sausage or even with pear? At YamYam you can also get take-away pizzas and if you want to go a little crazy: take home a pizza to bake in your own oven. Tastes a lot better than the one from the freezer in the supermarket!

Mastino: This spot in The Pijp is opened by a real Italian and that means that no bad pizzas can leave the kitchen. Vegetarians and vegans are more than welcome here, they serve all kinds of pizzas that will make any vegetarian happy. But also for the not so healthy types, they have enough choice here.

Deegrollers: On the Jan Pieter Heijestraat in West you’ll find Deegrollers, another nice spot where pizza is a true specialty. Next to that they also serve nice antipasti, pastas and Italian salads.

Pazzi: Pazzi used to be a nice pizza spot in the Jordaan, but grew into a public favourite within months. People loved to take-away their pizzas here, or eat it in the small restaurant. Popularity grew and they expanded to West, where they also serve pizzas now. Yum! 

Sugo:  Sugo is a good spot to go for take-out and a quick bite. The pizza’s are very light and just all you need. Our favourite? The pizza al taglio!

Buon appetito!

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