TIP: August 6 you want to go to the BBQ Festival on the city beach of Dok Amsterdam

BBQ Festival

Come to the BBQ Festival in amsterdam North with friends

Put a big cross in your calendar on August 6 for the BBQ Festival at Dok Amsterdam. On this (hopefully sunny) Sunday you will find several food stands with a BBQ to serve you delicious meat from the grill. Think of spareribs, steaks, chicken spies and more. If you’re not that good with grilling meat on the BBQ this festival might be your life saver this summer.

Not really into meat? No worries. Besides meat from the BBQ there are also other food stands where you can order delicious snacks. There are ice creams from, sushi burgers (yep!) from Mr Sushi CL Sushi Burgers, pizzas and carpaccio from Sapri, Angelo’s Sicilian Dishes, Burgers from De Burgerwacht and even fries to order. Between eating, the reason why we’re there ;-) There are several lounge areas where you can relax or chat with friends when you have your after dinner dip. Of course there are also ice cold beers, wine and a lot of cocktails to try. I already spotted my favourite cocktail: The Disaronno Sour cocktail. Hmm nice!

BBQ Festival 2017

Date: August 6
Times: 1 PM – 9 PM
Prices: Free
Location: Dok Amsterdam
More information and tickets: Facebook page

Craving meat from the BBQ, ice cold beers and lounging? Come to the BBQ Festival on the city beach of Dok Amsterdam!

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Photocredits: BBQ Festival