TIP for September 7 till 17: go to the special Amsterdam Fringe Festival

Amsterdam Fringe Festival

Amsterdam Fringe Festival with Performances in the city

In a short month, Amsterdam will be transformed in the theater, dance, performance and music walhalla Amsterdam Fringe Festival for the twelfth time already. From September 7 till 17 we can visit over 320 shows from 73 national and international talents in, on and at more than 30 special locations throughout Amsterdam. You can for example go to shows in the small theaters, but also at unexpected fun locations such as in a furniture store, on a boat, in a gallery and even in a restaurant. Okay, it’s kinda impossible to visit all the 320 performances, but we can see a lot in ten days, right?!

Back to Fringe, Fringe is a platform and playground for quirky makers and their audience. Think of out-of-the-boxers, strange birds, artistic homeless people, post avant-gardeists and well, a lot of creative creatures. During the Amsterdam Fringe Festival they invite us all to join their Fringe adventure. You can guess how those nights will go. It will be a special, exciting, sometimes rough but always surprising and diverse evening!

There will be performances about silence, the gender question will be asked to you (how manly or feminine are you?), you can go to an award winning horror comedy and a tragicomic onemanshow about the cruelty of love.

PS: Amsterdam Fringe Festival turns Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond this year into their festival heart. This is the place where you plan your Fringe route, buy your tickets, get some drinks, go to Fringe4Free shows and sneak previews, eat the Fringe day dish and go to fabulous parties.

amsterdam Fringe Festival 2017

Date: September 7 till 17
Prices: Free. Do you want to visit a show? Tickets cost € 7.50 for a short one, € 11.50 for a long show and € 13.50 for the Fringe Nightclub. There is also a CJP discount and stack discount.
Location: Amsterdam
More information, the program, the performances and tickets:

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Photocredits: Amsterdam Fringe Festival