24 hours in Amsterdam: this is what my perfect day looks like!

26 personal tips for the perfect day in amsterdam

While travelling is my biggest hobby (and thankfully also my job), I love being in Amsterdam. Especially with the holidays just around the curner. That’s because I kind of have a soft spot for lights and the coziness of winter that gives Amsterdam especially in those cold months its very own character. Swatch has asked me to share my perfect day in Amsterdam with you.

This past month Amsterdam has  been added to the collection of destinations with their own Destination Watch: “TULPEN UIT XXX”. Cities like New York, Shanghai, Dubai, Las Vegas, London, Milan, Brussels, Paris and Vienna were the predecessors of my beloved capital city! Who grew up with Swatch like me will instantly recognise the iconic ‘New Gent’ model. Especially for Amsterdam this model is transformed to a very Dutch-like watch!

my perfect day in amsterdam…

Swatch Amsterdam


Nothing’s better than have an elaborate breakfast with friends on the weekend. Sometimes I like to stay in my own neighbourhood and visit Bar Botanique or Beter & Leuk, but I also love to go into the city. One of my standard go-to hotspot is Pluk in the Berenstraat. Although dangerous as well, because this location is right around the corner of my office and that means that the most delicious cakes are always within handreach! For breakfast the pancakes with maple syrup and fresh fruit are my absolute favourite.

Swatch Amsterdam

Pluk Berenstraat Amsterdam
Pluk @ Berenstraat


If you’re in the centre of the city fairly early you will be amazed of how quit it still is there. I just love to go shopping in the early morning to get myself some things. They have so many cute boutiques in the Nine Streets and I can easily spend a couple of hours to go strolling and shopping through all of the nine streets. My standard shoppings spots are, among others: Fabienne Chapot, OU! Boutique, Miuse and Essential Antwerp for original fashion items. For some great gifts for friends, or for myself, I always succeed at JAN and Things I Like, Things I Love!

Swatch Amsterdam


Sometimes my boyfriend and I go out for an extensive lunch on Saturday instead of going out do dinner. With all that jazz! A glass of champagne to start and following several courses. My favourite lunch spots to do this at are Restaurant C. in the Wibautstraat, Restaurant Breda on the Singel and since recently Nacarat on the Rokin. For a bit of a faster lunch during shopping I often go to Libertine in the Wolvenstraat or the Metropolitain on the Rokin. During the weekend it’s always nice and busy there!

Swatch Amsterdam


My boyfriend and I both have a pass for the museums and for the Artis zoo. If we have the time and really want to have a relaxing day in Amsterdam we always plan to go to the museum or the zoo for ‘free’. I personally really love modern art, cultures and photography and that’s why I often visit the Stedelijk Museum, the Tropenmuseum and FOAM. I’m also a huge fan of MOCO on the Museum square (where you get a discount with your museum pass). Here they have an awesome expo by Roy Lichtenstein at this moment and an unique collection with pieces of street artist Banksy!


I drink lots and lots of coffee, so before we begin our Saturday afternoon-drinks I always want one more cup of coffee. To go or on a terrace if they have a heater. Even though I’m a huge fan of everything that’s hot and new in Amsterdam, I love it so much to visit an old-fashioned ‘brown’ café when I have the day ‘off’. Or we go to my standard go-to bar Bukowski in the East. If we have some drinks I always order ‘vlammetjes’ there, deep fried snacks with spicy meat inside of it. I know all the bars where they have this on the menu by in Amsterdam by heart!

Swatch Amsterdam


You probably recognise this… for me a perfect day in Amsterdam seamlessly goes from having some drinks (preferably with friends) to grabbing a bite for dinner. I often make some calls in the afternoon to make a reservation. A lot of the restaurants are fully booked on the weekend, but occasionally on the day itself they have a couple of cancellations so you can get lucky every now and then! My favourite restaurants that I regularly visit are Pepenero (delicious Italian food!), Jacobsz, FA Pekelhaaring (again Italian) and Choux. We often close a perfect day like this with a couple of episodes from a series that we’re watching at the moment or we take the late night movie in the theatre The Movies or Tuschinski!

Swatch Amsterdam

more about ‘Tulpen uit XXX’

  • The limited edition watch TULPEN UIT XXX costs € 80,- and is exclusively available at the Swatch Megastore in the Kalverstraat 14.
  • This watch is the perfect souvenir that will remind you of your great time in Amsterdam every day!
  • The wrist band of the watch is made of silicones and the dial is polished blue with striking yellow and orange pointers.
  • Fun detail: instead of the date there are three ‘XXX’ that switch colour every day.

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